Product Data and Knowledge Strategies to Enable an AI-Powered Enterprise

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In this learning session, we'll show you how to develop and employ product data and knowledge strategies for successfully using Gen AI to create a powerful competitive advantage in your business.

Watch this session for an insightful learning session designed for marketing, sales, and service leaders in manufacturing to learn how to transform your business to become an AI-powered leader in your industry. 

 Seth Earley, the author of the award-winning book, The AI Powered Enterprise, and  an expert with 20+ years' experience in knowledge strategy, will share how Enterprise AI can transform the way manufacturers market, sell, and service their products.  

 During this webinar hosted by Circuitry.ai, you will learn how to:  

  • Organize your product catalog, data, and knowledge to support AI initiatives  
  • Leverage a structured product ontology in the context of Gen AI applications 
  • Design a robust knowledge and information architecture to support large language models and AI-powered applications 
  • Use Gen AI-powered applications to empower your sales and service teams   


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Meet Your Expert Hosts


Seth Earley, Author/CEO, Earley Information Science

Seth Earley is an expert with 20+ years of experience in Knowledge Strategy, Data and Information Architecture, Search-based Applications, and Information Findability solutions.

Seth has worked with a diverse roster of Fortune 1000 companies, helping them achieve higher operating performance levels by making information more findable, usable, and valuable through integrated enterprise architectures supporting analytics, e-commerce, and customer experience applications. 
Seth Earley is the author of "The AI-Powered Enterprise" from LifeTree Media, which was released in April 2020. In 2022, Seth was Recognized by Thinkers 360 as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Artificial Intelligence.


Ashok Kartham, CEO, Circuitry.ai

Circuitry.ai provides an innovative decision intelligence platform and Enterprise AI as a Service (AIaaS) applications for manufacturers to improve sales and service outcomes.  

Circuitry.ai’s Product AIdvisor helps companies increase customer conversion rates and grow revenue by answering product questions, providing product recommendations, guiding customers through buying experience, and enabling sales teams.  

Circuitry.ai’s Service AIdvisor enables field service workforce, contact center agents, and service centers to boost productivity and enhance service delivery by answering service questions, providing service and parts recommendations, and guiding service teams through diagnostic and service processes.   


Who is this Webinar For?

  • Executives in the industrial manufacturing sector
  • Marketing, sales, and service leaders 

  • Strategy and innovation managers seeking to drive digital transformation